Have you ever woke up feeling motivated to start working on your studies but after an hour or two of continuous studying, you hear you phone ring because of a notification. You think to yourself “Hmm should I take a peak? should I not take a peak? what harm can it really do?” so you decide to check your phone and that initial “peak” turns into scrolling through twitter, then scrolling turns into some conversations with friends by the end of that you find yourself in bed watching Netflix, getting nothing done for the rest of the day. …

What’s JSX?

const div= <div>Hello world</div>;

The line of code above might seem weird at first but its actually JSX. JSX is a syntax extension of JavaScript (not actually valid JavaScript ), which looks a lot like HTML with a twist. JSX stands for JavaScript XML, which was made to be used with React.

JSX .map()

const stringsArray = ['Milk', 'Sugar', 'Nutella'];

const list = stringsArray.map(string => <li>{string}</li>);


The array method .map() has been coming up a lot during my lab and lecture time at Flatiron. I noticed the syntax is different in JSX than JavaScript . In JSX in order to use…


The .forEach() method executes a callback function on each of the elements in an array in order. The callback function containing a console.log(number) method will be executed 3 times, once for each element. After it will each number in the array.


Rails generate commands can make a coders project less tedious by building the basic model, controller, and migrations format for them. Using these generators will save you development time, minor mistakes and help you be more efficient.

The rails generate command can be used with ‘generate’ or ‘g’

rails generate


rails g

Most helpful rails command

rails g model
rails g controller
rails g resource
rails destroy
rails g -h

Rails generate model

rails g model super_hero

The rails generate model command can create the projects model and its migration. The model will be set up with it’s inheritance so you can have full ActiveRecord methods…

Akram Alam

Currently Studying to be a Software Engineer At Flatiron.

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